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Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Spin with the dinosaurs in this prehistoric slots game!

Min. Bet Max. Bet Paylines Wilds Feature Jackpot
25p £100 25


Everyone at some point has wanted to see a dinosaur up-close, and what better way to do that than from the safety of a slot game!? This slot game in particular, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, is a veritable Jurassic Park journey!

A super fun game, Dawn of the Dinosaurs features the usual slot game extras of Wilds and Scatters, but there are also some rather interesting extras to the toybox in this game. Namely the almost Street-Fighter esque combat section in the Raptor Battle Bonus round. There’s also an interesting combination creator that involves hoarding large eggs from angry-looking T-Rexes and making your own patterns with them.

The overall design is interesting; the browser has an ancient relic motif throughout, as if the very controls themselves were fossilized or hued out of the rock face. Plus non-face symbols all look like they’ve been carved out of stone and each contains a small fossil next to it.

Add in the lush jungle background and the occasional grunt and squeak on the soundtrack from unseen dinosaurs, and you could easily think you’ve stumbled through a rip in time and landed back in the Jurassic era. Best of all there isn’t a chance of being actually being chased by something big and scaly! If you enjoyed this game about big angry lizards, then why not check out Dragon Master?

How to Play

Dawn of the Dinosaurs is incredibly easy to play, featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines. Players can change the number of lines and the individual bet per line by using the onscreen (-) and (+) symbols to increase or decrease the amount to your cater to your preferred betting budget. From there you just hit spin to begin! There’s also a handy Auto Play function that will run the reels for a set number of turns or until a bonus is activated.


These are represented by a ferocious looking dinosaur eye. Their main role is to substitute for other symbols in your winning combinations to substantially increase your win amounts, all symbols apart from the bonus, lava ball and T-Rex can be replaced with this.

Free Spins Explosion

This is activated by hitting 4 lava rocks in a winning payline to cause the volcano to explode. After the initial eruption players then have to make a choice of how many free spins they’ll get. Apart from the maximum amount of 30 free spins, each spin amount comes with its own unique multiplier amount – the lower the number of spins you select, the higher the multiplier amount. 15 free spins, for example, has a 2x multiplier, whereas only 5 free spins gives you a rather generous 6x multiplier to play around with.

Raptor Clash Bonus

Raptor Clash is triggered when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on your reels and involves players taking control of the aforementioned deadly dino as you battle to the death with another dinosaur. There are 5 rounds to survive and for every one you survive you’ll receive a cash prize. Your raptor can be controlled using the three buttons at the bottom of the screen to use a variety of attacks, from tail whips and claw scratches, to deadly jugular bites.

Egg Collection

A nice addition to this rather fun game is the Combo Completer mode. Completely optional, this mode involves players collecting T-Rex eggs as gameplay progresses. Once you’ve collected enough they will automatically float over to the reels to replace symbols between two T-Rex heads to create a T-Rex combo that has substantially large payouts. Rather handily these eggs carry over between game sessions so you can try and stockpile as many as you can.

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